Critical diversities seminar: Solidarity amid diversity

I’m biased – Gavin is my partner – but I think he addresses some interesting points vis-à-vis the intersection of social movements and youth identities.

Non-Stop Against Apartheid

On Friday 25 October, Gavin Brown will be speaking at the University of Leeds about the Non-Stop Picket.  His talk is a contribution to the ESRC-funded seminar series on the theme of ‘Critical Diversities‘  organised by Yvette Taylor and Sally Hines.  The seminar next week addresses the theme “Diverse Policies: Colliding Concerns

Gavin’s paper will assess the extent to which the anti-apartheid Non-Stop Picket of the South African Embassy in London (1986 – 1990) united activists from diverse social backgrounds.  Positioned within the context of the 1980s’ British Left, the Non-Stop Picket actively sought to mobilize women, black people, lesbians and gay men, trade unionists, and youth & students to its anti-apartheid cause.  This commitment was built into the group’s organisational structures through a series of focused sub-groups that took responsibility for mobilizing specific constituencies on the basis of an assumed common identity. To varying degrees, this…

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