Research Recruitment Request: Asexual Activism

My ethics approval has gone through. Actually I’m pretty chuffed as the ethics committee passed me first time without a single amendment.

I’m now looking to recruit participants for my study (please see the attached Participant Information Sheet and Consent Sheet).

To give a quick idea of what my project is about – below is the introductory letter/email that I’m sending to social networks seeking participants (please feel free to pass to anyone you think might be interested, thanks in advance):

Research study: Newer Sexual & Gender Social Movements – Asexual Activism

I am a doctoral student at the Open University at Milton Keynes who is carrying out a study on Newer Sexual and Gender Social Movements, with a focus on asexual activism, such as,  AVEN, etc. To take part in the study, you will need to meet the following criteria:

1.Have some engagement with asexual activism, however small. I am particularly interested in participants who engage with Pride events, especially the forthcoming World Pride 2014.

2. Be a member of an asexual network such as AVEN, student society, etc.

3. Are prepared to be interviewed either in person or by Skype.

4. Be aged 18 or over.

Taking part in the study involves doing an interview with me (Joseph De Lappe, the researcher) which usually lasts approximately 60/90 minutes. You will be asked about the things that prompted you to become involved in asexual activism (please see the attached Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form).  It is envisioned that the interviews will be mostly done by Skype or, if possible, by person at a time suited to the participant and researcher.

What you talk about in the interview will be kept anonymous, private and confidential.

The results of the study will be written up as part of a Doctorate degree which the researcher is undertaking.

If you like to ask any questions about this study and/or would like to take part, please contact the researcher on the following contact details:

Phone: +44 7549 423 402

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